Withdraw Payza to Bank Wire | IBAN

Pakistan is in the process of implementing International Bank Account Number (IBAN). IBAN is an international standard of structuring bank account numbers. It has been already launched in many of countries, it helps to identify the bank account number regarding location and to facilitate both domestic and international transactions.


IBAN system announced in Pakistan by State Bank of Pakistan in May last year (2012). And it is expected that it would be fully implemented By the start of July 2013. But the new thing is that Payza has already transitioned in to the use of IBANs for identification of Pakistani bank accounts.

All Payza users with Pakistani bank account numbers need to provide their IBAN in order get their payments via bank wire. Once the IBAN has been provided to Payza, it will be saved in your account for future use.

How to Identify your IBAN:

According to the State Bank of Pakistan, IBANs has been issued to all bank account numbers by December 2012. You should have been notified of your by your bank. If not kindly check your statement or contact your bank to get your IBAN details

How to add IBAN to your Payza:

If you have not already done then there a message will be prompted to enter your IBAN to initiate bank wire from Payza to Pakistan. Once you have provided your IBAN to Payza, and other bank account details, and save them to your Payza account. Once completed, you can proceed with your bank wire withdrawal.

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