What Is Adhitz | Earning with Adhitz

In this article i am going to tell you that what is adhitz program and how you can increase your earning with it.adhitz monetize your website traffic. If you want your traffic turn into money then adhitz is best and easy solution for it.Earning With Adhitz

First of all you will join the adhitz as a publisher. Next step is to add up your website into its database. Adhitz is affiliate program that allows you to publish its ad on your websites or blogs. After signing into your account you will have an ad zone, there you will set the types of ads and the rates for them. After you will be give a HTML code for ads, which you to put into your website or blogs. When you paste the HTML code the ads will begin to show on your website. It has different sizes of ads and banners for ads.

Adhitz is a good solutions for beginners, it same like Google Adsense but not too much strict like Adsense. TheĀ  ads provided by adhitz are based on the type on which your website is based.

Adhitz Requirement:

Before applying to adhitz you may have the following requirements.

1. Your contents are real, unique and original.

2. The presentation and the design of your web must be good.

3. You have the effective Niches on which you are working

Adhitz Payouts:

The minimum payouts of adhits is $10 but you can set it accordingly.

The fee it charges is $3. It supports two payment processor PayPal and alert pay(Payza Now).

Once your account reaches your threshold value or minimum payout that you select, your payment can either be sent to payza or pay pal.

Payments are send once a month and before the 10th of the month.

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