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Pay Per Click is an internet advertising tool. On internet, advertisers pay for their products and publishers promote their products and get paid for it. Publishers are typically website owners.
In search engines like Yahoo,Google,Bing advertisers bid for keywords phrases that are much related to their products or marketing. Pay Per Click advertisements are shown on websites or on the search engines results with related contents.

Infolinks in Pakistan

Now i will proceed to Pay Per Click program of infolinks, infolinks established in May, 2007. They combine advanced internet technologies with advertising strategy and extensive buyer-behavior analysis to bring premium advertising to pre-screened websites and blogs worldwide. infolinks can be used by both Advertisers and Publishers, advertisers advertise their products and get global market and publisher promote the advertiser’s product. Advertisers pay for their products and infolinks share some of revenue with their publishers.

Infolinks have more than 50000 premium websites to promote the products or internet marketing and almost get 300 million unique page views.

In-text Advertising

When you join infolinks as a publisher, you will provide with java script code, which in turn you input into your website. When you pasted the code then you will observe that there are little underlined green words with a hyper link.These words are called in-text advertising.  Whenever a client touch that green word it will give you the impression and when he clicks the word, he gives you the click. Both click and impression in turns give you the money.

Pay Per Click ppc

With infolinks In-text advertising has five core advantages.

1. Best leading market rates

2. Optimize brand lift

3. Accurate Relevance

4. Globally reach with local searching

5. Self campaign

 Why Infolinks???

1. Earn upto 70% revenue share

2. Guaranteed Earning

3. Huge advertisers for all websites (small, medium, big)

4. More relevant ads to your contents.

5.  Readers has maximum chance getting engage there.

Infolinks Technology Proven in Clicks

“Real-time bidding combined with real-time full text analysis delivers unprecedented accuracy in matching advertisements to relevant website content. Infolinks proprietary algorithms select highly effective keywords and place  relevant ads reflecting content being read at any given moment. Our technology is also uniquely efficient allowing us to extend your advertising budget further.”

Cash out From Infolinks

Whenever your earn revenue reach its threshold or maximum set value withdrawal options are then given to you. You can withdraw your money by using PayPal, payneer and checks directly into your bank accounts.

In this article i tried to put light on he concept of ppc pay per click and infolinks, that how ppc and infolinks work. I would be very happy if you ask question to find more in this article.


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