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Hello Guys! Don’t be afraid of this little word ‘LR’, LR is a payment processor named as Liberty Reserve. Not just mine the problem of withdrawal of liberty reserve in Pakistan is the issue of almost every person relating to the internet investment.Liberty Reserve In Pakistan

In this article i am giving you some solutions about the withdrawal of LR or Liberty Reserve In Pakistan.Basically i want to target Pakistani people as i am giving the services of exchange of LR through out the Pakistan. You can sell or buy liberty reserve from me in very short time and on comfortable rates. The main issue of liberty reserve withdrawal is, that it does not offer direct withdrawal. However you can use registered exchangers given at liberty reserve website.


Yes, it is difficult to trust someone especially on internet, but we have some certain reasons to be trusted.

1. You can contact us via phone,email and can visit physically in our office.

2. Our contacts are open and can easily searched on Google.

3. We do fastest transaction and offer reasonable rates.

4. We are a registered company under the name of Payment Medium, Inc

Moreover i would like to tell you that payment medium, Inc is registered company which deals with the withdrawal of liberty reserve directly into the bank world wide. This payment processor acts as a 3rd party payment processor. So if you are interested to get your funds of liberty reserve into the bank, get registered at payment medium without wasting any time.


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