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Few months before I was searching for Forex to learn its basics. MT5 Forex ForumI tried demo account and gather information from many sources like internet and from my friends. I want to start a real trading account somewhere with little capital I have. But some of friends told me to join MT5 trading Forum, they said earn something from it and then use this earning for trading purposes. I did the same and joined the MT5 forum, first month i just made 20$ and when I saw them into my real trading account, you could not imagine how much i was happy. Excuse me my story will never end :), now i come to the real part of this article i.e how to get paid from mt5 Forex forum.

In this article I will show you that how mt5 forum works and how you will get paid from it. Very first step is always to sign up, click here for detailed sign up process at MT5 Forum. Basically this forum is dedicated to the Forex, newbie as well experts can join it and can earn money from it. As i told you that this forum is for Forex discussion so you will be paid for participating in this discussion. You will get .20 cents for one post, reply or comment for any paid discussion. There are two basic benefits of using MT5 Forum. One is to get paid from it and other is to get information. So you will earn and learn too.

One more thing the earnings you made from this forum are not withdraw able but then can be used for trading in a real account. So you need to attach a real account with your forum. See how you can attach real account with forum.

When you have attached and made 100$ or above, you can have them at the end of the month. The amount you earn from forum will be paid with the start of a new month. Now you can use those dollars for trading and if you win the trades you can withdraw those earnings. For example suppose you have earned 100$ from forum and after trading you have 150$ in your real trading account. You can withdraw 50$ dollars you made from 100$. But if your trade went in loss then you might loss your forum earnings but it will not hurt because this capital is not from your pocked it was generated. So it is the best practice to star the Forex Trading.  Be sociable and share your thoughts in comments section. Let me and others know your  valuable suggestions.
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