How to verify Perfect Money Account

When we deal with digital payment processors like PayPal, Skrill, How to verify Perfect Money AccountPayza or many other, we have to pass through the verification process. Verified account has its great significance and for security reasons you must be verified with your digital payment processing. In this article I will let you know that How to verify Perfect Money Account and its benefits.

Recently Perfect Money has increased the fee for unverified account holders from .50% to 1.99%. This step is to make maximum members of Perfect Money verified. As a verified member will only bears the fee of .50%. So many of users do not know about this benefit of getting verified. So in this guide I will let you know the verification process of perfect money.

Steps For Verification of Perfect Money: There are basically three steps to make your account fully verified. They have distributed this verification process into three portion like national or legal identity, Postal address and Phone Verification.

1st Step: In this step you need to upload the scanned copy of your government issued legal identity like you can upload, Passport, Driving License or any other national ID. Make your image more clear and try to use famous formats like jpg, jpeg etc.

2nd Step:  In this step you need to upload or to send a scanned copy of any of your utility bill in which your address, name and date is clearly mentioned.

3rd Step:  This step is easy and fast, you just need to verify your phone number, they will call you on your number. Put your number in international format i.e with country code.

When you have completed all your steps of verification, you will spare 1.49% of fee.

Benefits of being Verified:

There are are many benefits of being verified not in case of perfect money infact for every kind of payment processor.

1. Your payments becomes more fast and instant.

2. Pay less fee for your transfer.

3. Convenience of re-verification if your account got limited.

4. Maximum chances of winning disputes (for Payza and Paypal)

What Can WE do for YOU:

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