How to verify Paypal with Payoneer in Pakistan

Having account with PayPal is same like you have freedom to shop, pay and to get paid over internet.  PayPal is the most loving and best payment processor of the world. Due to some restrictions from PayPal, some countries are not enjoying services from PayPal. Pakistan is the one of the country that is blocked by PayPal. Still there are some solutions to run a verified PayPal in Pakistan. In this article you came to know that how to verify PayPal with Payoneer in Pakistan. I will cover two terms in this article one is PayPal verification and other is virtual bank account i.e Payoneer.How to verify Paypal with Payoneer in Pakistan

1.PayPal in Pakistan:Some simple steps you need to follow for sign up process with Paypal. Go to paypal official website and select US as a country put fake postal address and mobile phone number of US-based. Put other personal details in sign up process. Remember details other than postal address should be real and valid. Confirm your account by email verification.

2. Virtual Bank Services Payoneer:

Payoneer is the internet based company that allow it user to send and receive money from a re-loadable card. They also provide you with a US-based international bank account. Payoneer gives you a master card that is accepted at your local ATM machines and over many shopping stores.

What you need to do? just sign up at payoneer and put the required information there, note put your real and valid information. They will review your application and once they approved your application, they will ship a debit card at your postal address you have given in the sign up process. The shipping process of your master car can take upto 35 days, moreover they will give you the estimated date of delivery. When you receive  your card activate it and get US based account services in your account.

3. Verify PayPal with Payoneer in Pakistan:

It is your third and last step sign into your payoneer account. At receive payments tabs you will find US payments services. Copy the account and routing number from picture you see there.

Now log into your paypal account click on get verified, Select bank account for verification purposes. Paste the details you copied from US payments services. After 3 days you will be getting some amounts in payoneer account, put these amounts to verify your paypal account in verification section.

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How to verify Paypal with Payoneer in Pakistan

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