How to verify Alertpay

Get some idea of Alertpay then we see How to verify Alertpay. Alertpay is an online payment processor which deals with the sending and receiving of money globally. With alertpay you can shop, send and receive money online in over 190 countries. Alertpay is very famous because most of paying companies using this payment processor, and its new and more fruitful form is Payza. Alertpay is now Payza, same like alertpay but with more security and fast services.How to verify Alertpay

when you want to have your alertpay account, you are given with three options like Personal Starter, Personal Pro and the Business account. After just sighing you see the notification of being verified, That is the main problem How to verify Alertpay account. Its not a big deal, really you have two options to be verified 1. By Visa Debit Card, 2. Legal Documents. Let me clear one thing the phone verification is a different scene it does not make you verified. Now i will tell you the step by step verification process for both options

How to verify Alertpay by Visa Debit Card

All you need to have a Visa debit card for this type of verification. When you log into your account, click the tab become verified, there you see the option of Visa or credit card verification. Click on the visa verification input your details and card number including cvc code and expiry date. A transaction of 2 $ will be done with your card and amount deducted from your account will be sent to you in your bank statement. For example if i do, i will check my statement in which i found that 189 PKR has been named to alertpay. Actually this 189 is the code which i will enter in verification process. This is all that you have to do with your credit card to become verified.

How to verify Alertpay by Documents

The other way of being verified is done with your documents. In this procedure you required to have your scan copy of National Identity Card (NIC). You will send it to the alertpay and get the reply after ten days in which yes or no verification is written. If the answer is no then there must be a reason, you will recover the mistakes before applying again. Umm let me clear some more the copy of your nic should be cleared and for address verification you may need to send you utility bills. Moreover alertpay can ask you for passport number , license number etc.

How to verify Alertpay

I think i have cleared the idea , if you have more questions about alerpay feel free to ask.

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