Exchange your bitcoin to PayPal

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Peer-to- Peer E-Currency, Which is counted as one of the best E-Currencies in the Online Market and has got a very good fame in the Online Industry, Due to Its Unique Features of No Fees, and Globally Accepted. And not Just that but it has no Owner, All the Transactions are Verified by its Public Ledger of Blockchain and requires 3 Confirmations in order to get a Payment totally verified from a Double Spend or to Ensure the Uniqueness , Where each and every Transaction of Bitcoin is Recorded in Blockchain.
All the Transactions of Bitcoin are Totally Anonymous, No one could get hold of your Bitcoin, until and unless you share your receiving address with someone. It is counted as one of the Most Secure E-Currencies Available in the Online Industry throughout the World and Only issue is when it comes to exchange Bitcoins They don’t have a Direct Withdrawal Method While Using any Bitcoin Wallet, You always have to Go Through an Exchanger in order to Cashout your Bitcoins. But when it comes to Exchangers, People use to face many scams, Due to many Scam Exchangers, as Bitcoin is totally Irreversible.

Exchange your bitcoin to PayPal

So How to Exchange your bitcoin to PayPal?

You don’t have to worry about it, As We “PeakCheap Team” Have got you covered, you can exchange your Bitcoin to PayPal or Vice versa, and We are one of the best and Trusted Online Service Providers in the Online Industry since many years.
Most of Freelancers get paid in Bitcoins and they Would like to get paid in cash with PayPal, As it Is One of the Best E-Currency Which could easily be cashed in Bank or Credit Card, We could exchange your Bitcoins 24/7 you Just have to Contact us and We will process your Exchange as soon as possible.

What is the Procedure?

The Procedure is Very Simple, You just have to Click on “Contact Us” Button, and choose the E-Currency you have and the E-Currency you need like an Example below of Bitcoin to PayPal Exchange.

Exchange your bitcoin to PayPal

What is the Fees and Processing Time?

The fees is very low as compared or any other Exchanger and Our Minimum Processing time is 2 Hours, Its due to the 3 confirmations of Bitcoin, and The fees is $1 + 3% of the Amount. We assure you the Best Service as Possible.

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