EgoPay Stolen Millions | EgoPay Scam and Shutdown

After liberty reserve there is again a Big gap occurred in the history of digital payment processing. Yes Egopay scammed and stopped working. It is not confirmed but many of reviews are telling that EgoPay has stopped working and the founder of this payment processor has stolen millions of other big companies.

EgoPay Stolen Millions Scammed

Problems at EgoPay were first seen in the late December of 2014, when its users and merchants started reporting against it. According to them they are not processing api payments and other faulty payments notifications. And in the January they realized that their funds are now frozen and they are not able use them.

To all these activities egopay stated that they are migrating their server for better services, they are enhancing their securities etc. But these are all lame excuses they were not doing anything, they were scamming innocent people. But they are migrating their servers this information was true because when contacted to the host company for the address of Egopay, they told they used our services on 15th January as a New Host.

Only single IP address is found, there is no any address, phone number or any legal information was found against Egopay. Like liberty reserve egopay shut down and scammed about 5-8 million US-dollars.

Different Companies Reviews about EgoPay

HYIP Today reported January 12th that the funds had been stolen, and that EgoPay was a gigantic scam similar to Liberty Reserve, but provides no hard confirmation to support the claim.

Money-Monitor hedges its bets between a scam or hack while noting the company has allegedly blamed a disgruntled employee for hacking it (no source to confirm this,)  while CoinDesk only says that EgoPay has only “frozen accounts belonging to a number of its clients” while pointing out previous allegations of fraud directed at the company.

There’s even a completely unconfirmed report of a memo from EgoPay on stating that the company had been shut down by the United States Government.

They are not responding to customers, merchants and press, they have stolen millions of money in the form of bitcoins and funds with in it. Any more information If I get I will be updating you for it. Thank you for reading article, share your experience in comment section or email me.


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