5 Best Alternatives to PayPal

PayPal! People Love to pay with, The most used and loving payment processor is PayPal. Still there are a lot of people that are not using PayPal, As PayPal is not working in some countries and their restrictions and some times fee, let the users to find some alternatives. All you need to pay, send and receive money over internet for services, freelancing and for a physical merchant or store. So in this article I will share some best alternatives to PayPal to use for individual, clients, or merchants payments. These alternatives are working as PayPal do.

Best Paypal Alternatives in Pakistan

1. Skrill

It is the best alternative to PayPal, if your country is not offering paypal services you can use skrill formerly (moneybookers) for sending and receiving money. Skrill is accepted over many merchants, casinos, forex brokers and freelancers. They are bad in email support but they are really awesome on phone calls. One interesting feature is that you can upload and withdraw your money from your local to bank to it. They offer only 1% fee in sending and receiving is always free. There are many other features, like you can be a VIP member and referrals earnings.

2. Payza

Payza that was alertpay before is again same like Paypal, you can send, receive or pay using its services. Payza is Canada based payment processor and can be one of the good alternatives to PayPal. Every payment processor has some thing unique in it, using payza you can withdraw your funds in your bank, cards and recently added bitcoin. You can pay over different merchants using payza and can get paid from it. There are many companies pay their clients through payza and there are services provider that charge their services for payza. So If you don’t have paypal or don’t want to use it, you can use Payza in alternate.

3. Payoneer

You are a blogger, freelancer, or an affiliate and want to get paid and you do not have any payment option. So, don’t worry payoneer can do all for you. Payoneer is American based company founded in 2005. Payoneer gives payment solutions for it users like you have a master debit and US based bank account services. Usually they offer Bank of America account to its users. You can get paid by checks, direct payments and card payments, like others there is one best in it that you can withdraw your funds using master debit card from your local ATM machines. Less fee, great support and best solutions for payments.


New but highly accepted over many stores and websites, Yes it is Bitcoin. Bitcoin uses peer to peer technology that has not any kind of central authority or bank controlled transactions. So in simple it is a digital currency that has no bank. A low fee payment processor but highly volatile. It values can be change rapidly, It is not best but can be used for online payments as it is open source ans can be used anywhere and can be used to pay or to get paid.

5. Entropay

Less recommended but it is not bad when you have virtual visa card to use it. Entropay is UK based company that offers virtual credit cards to its users. These virtual credits cards again used in many merchants. There are many people or internet users which do not have banks, cards or any other option, so they can have entropay services. They are bad in fee as they charge high fee, but still it is a solution to shop or to buy services over internet.

Other Payment Options

There are still many options that you can use in alternatives to paypal, like you have webmoney, perfect money, upay,okpay,egopay and many more. Google wallet and western union is also used for payment processing. So there is no any issue if you don’t have paypal.

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