Basic Questions and their Answers in MT5 Forex Forum

In this article I will let you know about the questions and answer asked to signup at MT5 Forum. They are random type questions when you  go for sign up with MT5 forex forum. And when you began to post something then after some posts you need to answer again some questions continuously. So in this article I am giving you the answer for basic questions asked at MT5 Forum.
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There are basically 5 questions they usually ask and they are written below with their answers.MT5 Forex Forum

Q1. Who opens and closes the deal on the demand of clients?

Answer: Broker

Q2. Who is the one that trades on Forex with an aim to gain profit?

Answer: Trader

Q3. What term is there for a difference between Bid and Ask pricing measured in pips?

Answer: Spread

Q4: What term is used for international foreign exchange market?

Answer: Forex

Q5. What are traders, relying on a rising currency rate, called?

Answer: BullsMT5 Forex Forum


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