What Is Payza

Payza is an online payment processor, which allows you to send and receive money online.If you have Payza account then you can enjoy the following facilities,

Send or receive money online

Can run your online business

Deposit and withdraw money

Can earn money with your referral

exchange currencies

And much more…
What Is Payza

Best answer for what is payza is alertpay is changing its name and the new name is Payza. Most of you begin to thinking of what is the need of just a name change? So let me clear that its not just a name change, if you see, the whole company at the back end has been changed. Alertpay was not bad but Payza is too good. Payza offering you the more and reliable services

1. Mobile Friendly Access

2. More countries and More currencies

3. Easy to fund and Easy to withdraw

4. New effective and user friendly look

So at the end you will realize the alertpay is totally becomes payza, with same account details, with same taste but with more enjoyable features.


 Worldwide Payza

Payza taht was alertpay actually is providing payment processing to more countries that was not enjoyed in alertpay.I personally realize the failure of alertpay and that is the issue of credit card processing and less countries in its database. I hope that Payza will overcome to those problems in future, and make it easy to transact the world.

 Payza Formerly Alertpay

Alertpay was old and Payza is new , and i think new generation is bit good of its former. Yes I can say that Payza is more secure more fast and more reliable payment processor in the world.


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